The official scorekeeper is often the forgotten 3rd official at a baseball game, but he/she plays a very important role. Not just content with keeping score, it is the official scorekeeper’s job to observe, understand and record every play that happens in a baseball game. Have a question about what a particular batter did early in a game? The scorekeeper will have the answer. Think a team has been batting improperly? Check with the scorekeeper to verify.

Why have an official scorekeeper?

More so than any other sport, baseball is a game of statistics. Whether you are wondering why your favourite team signed a guy to a $30 million contract, or why your kid brother is batting at the bottom of the lineup, it is because the coach or GM has the statistics to back up his decision.  But statistics are only useful if they are accurate. By providing trained and certified scorekeepers to our ballgames, we insure that not only will the final score be correct, but that the official scoresheet will present an accurate portrayal of what has actually occurred.

Want to get involved with scorekeeping?

Dollard Baseball is always looking for new additions to its team of scorekeepers. New scorekeepers must be at least 13 years of age, and attend a clinic accredited by Baseball Quebec before the start of the baseball season. Once certified they are given supervision as well as the opportunity to learn from more experienced scorers while they become acclimated with the job. We provide official scorekeepers to all games, 9U through Junior. Those who show promise also have the opportunity to advance on and do games at the Regional “AA” and “AAA” levels.

Contact with any questions.

Anyone interested in becoming a scorekeeper should fill out the following form: