End of Year Awards

The following awards were presented at our end of year banquet and AGM:

  Atom Player of the Year   Justin Nathan
  Mosquito Player of the Year   Annabelle Daoust
  PeeWee Player of the Year   Michael Del Grosso
  Bantam Player of the Year   Luca Mazzone
  Midget Player of the Year   James Lee
  Atom Most Improved Player   Sarah-Jeanne Labrie
  Mosquito Most Improved Player   Noah Wexler
  PeeWee Most Improved Player   Visilli Schiprak
  Bantam Most Improved Player   Gabriel Moryoussef
  Midget Most Improved Player   Matthew Sherman
  Atom Most Sportsmanlike Player   Frankie Bumbaca
  Mosquito Most Sportsmanlike Player   Athan Liakapoulos
  PeeWee Most Sportsmanlike Player   Maude Daoust
  Bantam Most Sportsmanlike Player   Lucas Daitchman
  Midget Most Sportsmanlike Player   Erica Ahad
  Coach of the Year (B)   Lorne Nathan (Atom B Royals)
  Team of the Year (B)   Mosquito B Dodgers
  Coach of the Year (A)   Pat Haney (PeeWee A Expos)
  Team of the Year (A)   PeeWee A Expos
  Volunteer of the Year   Arie Reiser

Congratulations to you all!