Things to Know – ‘A’ Team Commitment Level

With ‘A’ level tryouts now just around the corner and summer plans being made, we would like to discuss an issue that has been affecting our teams in past seasons.

Over the past several years we have had some issues with the commitment level of some players at the ‘A’ level. The DABA executive has come up with guidelines to address these issues and hopefully make everyone understand what the expected commitment level of ‘A’ players is, and why this is important.

Within the DABA structure, ‘A’ baseball is the highest caliber of baseball offered. It would be comparable to playing ‘AA’ in hockey. With that being said, the coaches and your fellow teammates expect that anyone wishing to play at this level will be fully committed to the team for the season, with the team being the number 1 priority over the course of the season.

When multiple players are missing from a team it hurts not only their team but has a trickle-down effect to other teams as well. Over the past few years, many coaches have complained to us that they cannot run a proper practice for multiple weeks at a time because they have kids away and 4-5 are playing as call-ups for higher-level teams to cover for their missing kids. This hurts the development of our players as they can only get better by practicing.

What also hurts our teams is when players take vacations late in the baseball season causing them to miss the regionals/playoffs. As you can imagine, this is not only an important time of season, but a very busy time of the season for players and coaches as well, so having missing players can cause extra problems in late August.

With that being said, your DABA executive has passed a new rule and has suggested guidelines we would like everyone to follow if possible.

1) To tryout for or play for an ‘A’ team a player cannot be away for more than two weeks during the season.

2) Regional/Playoff games take precedent over hockey tryouts. (This is also covered by Hockey Quebec and Baseball Quebec rules.)

3) Please be mindful when planning your summer holidays that regionals and playoffs begin August 15th: We respectfully ask that family vacations be planned with this in mind as to not negatively affect your entire team at the culmination of a season’s worth of work and practice.

We hope these rules or guidelines are clear and that everyone understands why we have taken these decisions. We ask that everyone follows our first two rules and that everyone does their best to follow the third,

Your DABA Executive