Dollard Atom Baseball Tournament Logo

The Dollard Atom Baseball Tournament began in 2012 with a modest collection of teams in the A & B categories and it was an immediate success with players, parents and coaches, leading to an increase in teams registered each year.

The participants enjoyed a well organized event with “fun” for the kids being the top priority. Each team received a well earned hot dog and a drink after each game with teams lingering in the BBQ area to watch the next few games taking place.

Past Winners


  • A – Seigneurs de Boucherville
    • Runner-up: Lakeshore Braves
  • B – Angels B5 de Blainville
    • Runner-up: Cubs de Laval Nord


  • A – Lakeshore Braves
    • Runner-up: Mercenaires de Mascouche
  • B – Lakeshore Expos
    • Runner-up: Seigneurs de Repentigny


  • A – Dollard Dragons
    • Runner-up: West Island Royals
  • B – Dollard Pirates
    • Runner-up: St-Lazare Mustangs


  • A – Gladiateurs de Terrebonne
    • Runner-up: Angels B2 de Blainville
  • B – Phénix de Prévost
    • Runner-up: Dollard White Sox


  • A – Seigneurs de Boucherville
    • Runner-up: Dollard Dragons
  • B – Rays de Mercier


  • A – Lakeshore Braves Blue
    • Runner-up: St. Leonard Bucs
  • B – Les A’s de Rosemont
    • Runnerup: Seigneurs de Repentigny