Dollard Day 2018

Due to the rain, Dollard Day festivities have all been moved to Sunday, May 27th

Saturday we will be hosting Dollard Day. Dollard Day has become our opening day spectacular with all Dollard teams playing at Lake Park from early morning until late at night. The games begin at 8:30 AM on Lake 1 with the Mosquito B Dollard Dodgers playing the Dollard Blue Jays and finishes with our Midget A Expos taking on the St. Laurent Crush in the last start time of the day at 9pm. This is also a great opportunity to come cheer on our Midget B GIRLS team as they play at 6:30pm against the West Island Red Sox. There will be lots of action at the park, both on and off the field.  The batting cage will be open for kids to take a few swings or test out their pitching velocity on our radar gun and we will have a few other fun surprises planned.

The concession stand will be open bright and early to sell bagels, grilled cheese sandwiches, coffee and hot chocolate before transitioning to serving lunch and supper. We will also be selling sweatshirts, caps, and possibly pants. Obviously, all proceeds of the food and merchandise sale goes right back to DABA to spend on the kids.

As many of you know, DABA lost a special friend when Gord Fairholm passed away last November.  We will be having a tribute to Gord at 10:40am at Lake 2 prior to the Atom B game that I hope many of you will make a point of attending.

We hope to see you all at the park on Saturday to officially welcome the beginning of the new season by enjoying a great day of baseball!

Time Field Level Teams
8:30am Lake 1 Mosquito B DDO Dodgers vs DDO Blue Jays
8:45am Lake 2 Atom A CDL/Les Cèdres Cougars vs DDO Expos
10:45am Lake 2 Atom B DDO Royals vs DDO Dodgers
10:45am Lake 1 Mosquito B DDO Braves vs DDO Royals
1:00pm Lake 1 Mosquito A West Island Royals vs DDO Expos
1:00pm Lake 2 Atom B Pierrefonds Braves vs DDO Blue Jays
3:15pm Lake 2 PeeWee B DDO Royals vs DDO Dodgers
3:45pm Lake 1 PeeWee A Rigaud Phénix vs DDO Expos
5:30pm Lake 2 Bantam B DDO Dodgers vs DDO Royals
6:30pm Lake 1 Midget B West Island Red Sox vs DDO Royals