Becoming a Coach


Welcome to Dollard Baseball’s coaches page. Whether you are a first time coach or a seasoned veteran, we hope the information contained in our website will help you effectively coach and manage your team.

There are three important factors to remember when coaching youth sport:

  • Make it fun for the children
  • Be an effective teacher
  • Allow children to develop friendships.

But how do we go about this? There are a few basic guidelines to follow but, for the most part, it is YOU as an individual that will determine, through your imagination, as well as trial and error, what best works for you – basically be yourself and don’t be afraid to try new things. On behalf of Dollard Baseball, and especially on behalf of the kids, we congratulate you on your decision to become a major part of the life experience of the next generation.

If you have any questions, e-mail us at


Coach Selection Process

Upon receipt of all application forms, the Baseball Development Committee will review the applicants for each team, and schedule interviews with perspective coaches as necessary. The Baseball Development Committee will be tasked with evaluating all candidates and selecting the coaches for the season.

The prospective coaches will be determined based on baseball knowledge, baseball accreditations, and experience. When making final decisions The Baseball Development Committee also strongly considers the candidate’s ability to work with people in an amateur sports environment, and players at a certain caliber.


Coach Accreditation

All coaches will be required to be trained and be certified for their respective levels, as well as be willing to undergo a background check if selected.

Please see the accreditation and requirements for each the level that you would be interested in coaching by checking out the following link:

If you are a new coach, the first step is signing up for the Coach Initiation In Sport which course; this gives you the basic knowledge of coaching. You can sign up by going to There is a cost of 37.45$.

Once you have completed that course, then depending on the level you will be coaching at during the season, you may be required to attend another clinic. Once DABA has the information from the Region of Lac St. Louis, we will advise you so that you may register.

Please note that all clinic accreditation costs will be reimbursed by DABA, by submitting your receipt to Speak to us before signing up for any courses to make sure that you are accepted as one of the coaches for the season in order for you to be reimbursed.


Coaching Application

Dollard Baseball is an organization completely run by volunteers. We are constantly looking for individuals who are interested in helping our youth. Coaches are very important to our program as they help the child improve their baseball skills and have fun playing baseball. If you are interested in coaching, please fill out our online application form below: