2022 Winter Clinics Are Cancelled

As a consequence of the current worsening COVID-19 situation and the rules now in place, we are forced to cancel the 2022 Winter Clinics. The current shutdown of sports across the province and uncertainty of not knowing how long it will continue has made it impossible for us to properly plan for Winter Clinics this year.

On a good year, a program of this nature requires a lot of advanced set up and planning in order to make sure we are providing a worthwhile experience for our players. This year, given the added obstacles provided by the current surge in cases, and additional contingency plans that would had to have been made in order to safely get through the entirety of the program uninterrupted, we feel it is best for everyone to not hold Winter Clinics in 2022.

We know this will disappoint a lot of players who look forward to this program every year, and we will do our best to ensure that Winter Clinics return in 2023.